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Established in 2012 by Charles Lamb, 5IVEHOLE was an avenue where Charlie could display his sport themed jersey and apparel designs. Having played both soccer and hockey for over 20 years, one regular topic of conversation throughout numerous leagues and tournaments was the statement of a distinctive, identifiable team uniform. It was one consistent sign of a squad that took the sport seriously, and aside from the talent and competitive drive of the skaters, a creative, professional jersey offered unique character and intimidation factor for those teams. However, what was often mentioned in the same breath with custom uniforms/jerseys was the unavoidable cost and extreme hassle that many had faced with the service and product of the companies that produced the jerseys. Most decided against it on those two principles. 


Through these conversations, it was clear that an affordable, local and artistic solution was needed for custom team apparel and jerseys. As a player who merged his love of design with a passion for sports, Charlie was motivated to establish a professional design services repertoire. Already having the software, experience, and connections in place, what began as simple design service company, organically grew into a recognizable brand.


Our goal  at 5IVEHOLE is to create stylish, superior, one-of-a-kind custom apparel and team and individual jerseys. So whether you're looking for an intricate, exclusive design for your team or just some quality, stylish apparel, think 5IVEHOLE